Halo Wars 2
"Halo Wars 2" is already holding its beta run for Xbox One owners and Xbox Live gold subscribers. Halo Waypoint

343 Industries has revealed the new “Halo” title, dubbed “Halo Wars 2.” Fans can already get their hands on it with the beta, which has just started and will last until June 20.

The developer also revealed some campaign details, particularly the highlight of a new villain, the biggest battle arena to date and the return of Spirit of Fire. As announced over the official Halo Waypoint, the return of Captain Cutter and the crew will face a new enemy. This means that the game’s story will take off as a direct sequel to “Halo Wars,” GameSpot reported.

This means that the story will see the continuation of the story from where Captain James Cutter and Sergeant John Forge have become lost in space and are thought to be dead.

“They don’t know if humanity lost the war, if the Covenant has killed everyone. That’s where the story of ‘Halo Wars 2’ kick off,” said 343 Industries’ Kevin Grace to GameSpot.

Alongside this, there will be a new villain leader of The Banished known as Atriox. According to 343 Industries, the introduction of The Banished into the story will usher in some alien weapons that will match the ones from the Covenant.

“Halo Wars 2” will also bring The Ark. Here, the developer will let players fight to control the power in connection to the Halo rings. Finally, the new game will extend the real-time strategy approach that “Halo Wars” initiated.

343 Industries has also confirmed that “Halo Wars 2” will have an Ultimate Edition and Standard Edition, as well as a Season Pass. The Ultimate Edition will include the full game with four days of early access, the Season Pass and an enhanced version of the game “Halo Wars.”

The Season Pass includes regular content update six months’ worth of post-launch. This will have new leaders and abilities, new unis for multiplayer arsenal and a campaign expansion with exclusive missions, as per Xbox Wire. As a separate expansion, it will cost US$29.99 (approx. AU$40).

The Standard Edition will cost US$59.99 (approx. AU$80). The Ultimate Edition will cost US$79.99 (approx. AU$110). Both editions are already available for preorder already. But for fans who want to experience the game first, there will be a “Halo Wars 2” multiplayer beta open to everyone who has an Xbox One console and an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

"Halo Wars 2" gameplay (Credit: YouTube/IGN)