When developer 343 Industries released a livestream for the highly celebrated “Halo 5: Guardians,” fans didn’t expect the video to announce the first batch of downloadable content (DLC). But this is exactly what happened. Fans can expect plenty of extra content this December, if they’ve finished the campaign or simply want more out of the game.

Reported by Design and Trend, the DLC teaser is revealed near the end of the “Halo 5” livestream. Fans will want to skip past the two-hour mark of the video below to fast-forward to the newly planned and teased DLC content.

Fans who want to create their own multiplayer maps will be happy to know that Forge Mode will be part of the December DLC. There are reportedly more options than ever before, with new items and options added to make the mode more immersive and fun.

Players can even make multiplayer maps in space with Forge Mode, a new feature that was not possible before. Considering how “Halo” is integrated with science fiction, this could be considered a welcome addition to the fan-favourite mode.

Other content coming this December include a number of new weapons and skins for the game’s multiplayer mode. These additions might have been expected, but should add plenty of variety to the game either way.

GameSpot noted that the M41 Rocket Launcher would be making its return to the series as part of the upcoming DLC. Apparently this weapon can easily crush enemies in multiplayer, with fans lovingly dubbing it with the moniker the SPNKr in “Halo” terminology.

"Halo 5: Guardians" has a number of free updates already promised by 343 Industries. But the developer has yet to confirm if the upcoming DLC will be free content or if it will require payment. The first major free update for “Halo 5” was the “Battle of Shadow and Light” pack, which only launched this week. It brought a number of new additions to the game, including Big Team Battle Mode and four new multiplayer maps,

“Halo 5: Guardians” is available now on the Xbox One. The DLC will be available sometime next month, though no specific date was revealed as of this writing.

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Halo Live Stream (Credit: YouTube/Halo)