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Gamers are still hoping for a "Half-Life 3" to come out but the recent departure of Valve's primary writing team may further dampen expectations. Long-time gaming writer Chet Faliszek has reportedly left the company, a move that was reportedly done amicably.

Faliszek has been with Valve for the past 12 years, and best known for contributing to the "Half-Life 2" Episode DLC packs and portal games. Aside from the "Half-Life" series, Faliszek was also known best for his work on “Left 4 Dead,” both of which contributed to his public face, IGN.com reported.

"Half-Life 3" writer exodus

Faliszek is the latest writer to bolt Valve. That includes Mark Laidlaw who left last year and Eric Wolpaw who parted earlier this year. With three valuable figures from the "Half-Life" series out, it doesn’t bode well for the chances of seeing a "Half-Life 3." In fact, it may have been the last nail in the coffin.

According to Valve CEO Gabe Newell, the only way that "Half-Life 3" would happen is if a whole bunch of internal employees would show interest in doing one. But with the effort tied up to creating another "Half-Life" title, it seems that seeing the third instalment is nowhere to be found on Valve’s roadmap.

What about the new Valve writers?

Faliszek, Laidlaw and Wolpaw are iconic names that would be hard to replace but anything is possible in the modern age. Ideas from new writers could spur up a possible "Half-Life 3" instalment only if Newell and the Valve bosses are willing to take the risk.

There is no indication that a "Half-Life 3" is even in the works and Valve is more tied up working on other stuff. Thus, the only way a third instalment happens is if they convince Newell and company of something extra-ordinary which comes close to the hit multiplayer game. Sadly, that may take time but "Half-Life" gamers could still wait on it despite the remote chances.

Faliszek, Laidlaw and Wolpaw have moved on to better things, possibly a sign that "Half-Life 3" dreamers may do the same. He did leave something cryptic statement via Games Industry.biz:

“There's no news on what's next etc, I will let you know when that happens."

There is a chance that something associated to "Half-Life 3" was left hanging somewhere over at Valve. So if the new writers find it and have vested interest, then a third coming may happen. The only problem is that seeing that happen is a long shot – pretty much similar to the chances of seeing a "Half-Life 3" release.