Hair Salon
IN PHOTO: A Palestinian hairstylist dressed as Santa Claus washes the hair of a customer in a salon at Jerusalem's Old City December 19, 2014. Reuters

If former Korean Air VP Heather Cho threw an air rage over being served macadamia nuts in a plastic bag and not in a bowl, and this landed her a one-year jail term, a Connecticut man is facing criminal mischief and breach of peace charges for hair rage.

Alan Becker, 47, lost his temper after the Loft Salon and Spa on Long Ridge Road in Stamford, Connecticut, charged him $50 for the haircut, AP reports. To express his anger, Becker kicked a hole in the salon’s wall, hurled a candle display and other items and stormed out of the parlor.

He came back and demanded that the salon staff fix his hair, but the hairdressers refused, said Stamford Police Sgt Kelly Connelly who later arrested Becker at his residence.

Incidentally, there’s a real salon named Hair Rage which was opened in 1994 and has been serving Oklahoma residents for 19 years. It has six outlets in the state.

In North Korea, North Korean leader Kim Jung Un made a fashion statement by appearing on Wednesday at the meeting of the Workers’ Party of Korea in Pyongyang with a new hairdo and half-shaved eyebrows.

MSNBC described the style as having a life of its own, noting that it is taller and wider compared to his previous hairstyle. There is noticeably no part.

It inspired naughty and creative minds to make memes by applying the same hairstyle on other celebrities such as U.S. President Barack Obama and the eyebrows that look like quotation marks on Academy Award-winning actress Meryl Streep.

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