Dale Newman (R) and Paul Martella are dressed as zombies as they take part in a zombie crawl during Halloween in Santa Monica, California October 31, 2013. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni
IN PHOTO: Dale Newman (R) and Paul Martella are dressed as zombies as they take part in a zombie crawl during Halloween in Santa Monica, California October 31, 2013. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

With the "H1Z1" Early Access finally here, fans can start looking forward to some of the added features to ensure a smooth experience. John Smedley, Sony Online Entertainment CEO, has confirmed to fans a couple of things to watch out for as Early Access begins.

The first is that, according to Joystiq, 150 to 200 servers have been established and set to run on Jan. 15 for "H1Z1." In fact, even the "carebear servers" for the PvE will be ready the day the Early Access launches.

"H1Z1" Early Access has had its share of ups and downs, with early comparisons to similar games the likes of "DayZ" already underway even before it began. But as Smedley stated in a previous report, "H1Z1" Early Access is a testament to what early access of a title really means. Plainly put, it should not be treated as a completed game, but rather, one that should be improved upon as fans get a sample of what it feels like.

For those who want to stock up on some survivor tips, the developer has also prepared a pre-Early Access Survivor Stream recap. It shows off a few gameplay scenes, as well as some feedback of the game. Already over at Reddit, some fans have been contemplating a number of features, particularly the player names on PvP.

One Redditor, Montaxx, stated that he preferred the removal of the name tags on PvP to add a more realistic feel to how people will navigate the environment in a post-apocalyptic setting. Instead of being told that someone is dead, it's best to check via other methods like checking a pulse and be surprised, rather than be told outright.

TargetofTarget also makes another point, where he stated that the use of third party communication to interact between teams may also be a way to work together in the game, instead of being assisted by nametags and taking away the thrill of knowing whether whoever is approaching is an enemy or a friend. The developers are expecting more of this once "H1Z1" Early Access become available.

Over at Steam, the page for "H1Z1" Early Access is already up, with the added note that the game will unlock in 19 hours. This means that more or less, players can access and play the game in that timeframe.

Even until now, SOE has not provided a deadline for the Early Access, preferring to give more time for players to experience the game and give their thoughts. A full release, however, has been mentioned to come later this year.

So what's included in the Early Access? The developer has confirmed that it will have the following initial versions of the features:

- Crafting

- Base building

- Combat

- Vehicles

- Circle-of-death

- Day/night cycle

- Weather

- Player itals

- Hunting and forging

- Zombies

"Players should anticipate an evolving feature set, bugs, incomplete content, missing features and potentially game breaking issues. The 'H1Z1' development team will continue to create new features and may make significant changes based on the needs of the game and feedback from the players," said the developer over at the Steam page.

But for those who want to wait for the final game, SOE has also cited planned additions ahead of time. Among these are military gear, a more extensive array of vehicles, female playable characters and even different player ruleset servers. Check out the Early Access page and enjoy the free-to-play in a few hours.

"H1Z1" Pre-Early Access Stream (Credit: YouTube/H1Z1)

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