"H1Z1" may be getting a PS4 version of the game. Daybreak Games

There has only been a few updates for “H1Z1” since the game went into Early Access. While there have been updates and additions to the apocalyptic zombie title, now there are two little tidbits to hopefully get back gamers on track with the title.

The first is an update on a relatively forgotten platform release for “H1Z1.” Before, it was hinted that the game will come to Sony’s next-gen console. However, no follow-up has been done by the developer Daybreak Games—which also had a change of name from Sony Online Entertainment before.

Now, the developer brought it up again, mentioning that fans still do ask about a PS4 version, VG 247 reported. It seems that this time, the team is ready to announce some news on this matter.

Another thing would be the announcement of one known developer joining the team behind “H1Z1.” According to DualShockers, former “Mass Effect Andromeda” game director Chris Wynn has finally found a new place in Daybreak Games.

The former Bioware developer has confirmed his joining Daybreak Games via Twitter. Not only that, Wynn is also now the Executive Producer for “H1Z1.” His teaser for his new office is just the icing on the cake, as Wynn also touched on the future of “H1Z1.”

“I couldn’t be more excited about the future of ‘H1Z1’ game. There will be plenty to talk about in the coming months,” said Wynn via Twitter.

Whether or not this announcement is related to the newly announced PS4 version of “H1Z1.” Ironically, the teaser of the PS4 version actually came from Wynn himself, so this might not be a coincidence.

“H1Z1” is a survival sandbox MMO title. It has already been available on Early Access in Steam since Jan. 25, 2015.

The game has suffered several issues, including technical stability problems and cheaters in the game. There have been bans doled out to approximately 25,000 cheaters back in May 2015. However, the company did allow public apologies to get unbanned, Kotaku reported that though it appears that only a handful may receive pardon for it.