IN PHOTO: Director Of The Movie James Gunn, Center, Poses With Cast Members Benicio Del Toro, Left, And Chris Pratt At The Premiere Of 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'
IN PHOTO:Director of the movie James Gunn (C) poses with cast members Benicio Del Toro (L) and Chris Pratt at the premiere of "Guardians of the Galaxy" in Hollywood, California July 21, 2014. The movie opens in the U.S. on August 1. Reuters

"Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn recently talked about the characters that he would have wanted to be in the movie. In an interview, the director claimed he was specifically interested in adding Rom and Bug.

As per Comicbook Movie, a chat with the people at Geeknation's The Movie Crypt podcast revealed Gunn's initial intent of having Rom: Spaceknight and Bug a.ka. "Galactic Warrior" in "Guardians of the Galaxy." But the constraints with regards to the rights holding these characters held him back. "There was a really good chance Bug was going to show up in the first movie but we do not own him... but, anyway, that was going to happen, perhaps," he said.

As for Rom, James Gunn admitted he loves the character's story, "the way he looks" and loves practically everything about him. However, as with Bug, Marvel doesn't hold the license to include him in any of the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If the director had his way then he would have added these characters. However, he instead opted to do some work around with some available characters that he can use. Likewise, Geeknation reader Shad Youngblood thought it would have been "cool" to see Rom: Spaceknight in "GOTG" and suggests Gunn to do the movie if ever Marvel owns the character.

Additionally, Gunn revealed he would have also used the Badoon since he found the character's story interesting. Badoon would have supposedly replaced Sakaaran in "Guardians of the Galaxy." However, the director revealed "it was strangely late in the process" when he found out that Marvel also didn't own the character. "I wrote them as Badoon but I just did a search-replace-Sakaaran when I found out we didn't have Badoon," the director said during the podcast interview.

However, CMB readers patrat18 and EzioKenway1225 thought "Guardians of the Galaxy" did fine without Bug and Rom: Spaceknight, though the latter claimed it would also be awesome to see Bug in the sequel. If Marvel had the rights to these characters, then as per reader MightyZeus, viewers would have already gotten an introduction into the Skrulls and the Skrull and Kree War. According to Demongod20, it would reportedly not be a surprise if in the future Hasbro and Universal Pictures start asking James Gunn to feature Rom and Bug in his movies.

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