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A promotion for the computer game "Grand Theft Auto Five" is show in a Game Stop gaming story in Encinitas, California September 17, 2013. Reuters/Mike Blake

Rockstar Games promised online Heists for "GTA V" will be available early 2015. Although no exact release date has been announced yet, hackers still managed to leak some source codes that pertain to the contents of the DLC.

Three locations were revealed regarding the Heists missions that will be available when the DLC becomes free for download in all consoles such as PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Techspouse credits You Tube user and "GTA V" tipster DomisLive a.k.a. Dom with the source codes mentioned below.

  • IS_HEIST_BANK_RENDERED - This is the source code for the game to come up with the interior of files that are needed for a Heist bank mission that will be held near the Rockford Hills.
  • LOCATE_NEAREST_REDNER_POINT - This source code points to the "Render Point" for AI spawning during an ongoing Heist mission.
  • IS_CLIENT_SIDED_CONTEXT - This allows the players to check on the client that connected the game with other players.

Additionally, Latin Times claims the code IS_CLIENT_SIDED_CONTEXT could also pertain to the function called Blind Eye. As per writer Danny Choy, it will "allow the player to see a certain element in the mission that is blind to other players."

Other features leaked also reportedly point to the development of the content involving the "Planning Room." The source codes below were allegedly tested by developers on their Beta server Telemetry-494398.

  • rdata:401928AA 0000004 HST BOARD_HEIST_PLANNING - This is the source code used in the planning board to start planning a Crew Heist mission.
  • .rdata:794837R4 00000002 HST TURN_PRINTER_ON_OFF - This is the source code used to print a planning sheet that is stored in your file cabinet.
  • .rdata:102947C4 0000001 HST PRINTER_HEIST_PLAN_SC_CREW- This is the source code for sending the planning sheet via email on your phone to the rest of your selected Social Club Crew.
  • .rdata:284756DX 0000002 HST SHOW_BOARD_OUTLINE - Some rendering functions to render the sketch outline of the board textures.
  • .rdata:193846F4 00000007 HST HIDE_BOARD_TEXTURE - This is the source code for hiding the planning board during currently unknown situations, most likely to be set via variables in Tunables.
  • .rdata:685747X4 0000008 HST ALLOW_EMAIL_IFRUIT_APP - This is the function of a new feature coming to the iFruit app on smartphones etc. You can send Heist-related emails virtually through the app.

A few days back, "GTA V" gamers also got a glimpse of other source codes pertaining to the release of new weapons, armours and new vehicles for the online Heists. Another "GTA V" tipster Shady Lapse over at Se7ensins forums claimed details were leaked via the 1.20 source code for the game. The DLC will reportedly feature a new bomb called the EMP and other weapons including the BZ Gas XM25 Grenade Launcher as well as the Thermal Bomb. New audio and clothing, such as new masks, will also be available. Additionally, the release of armoured vehicles and the hydra fighter jet, which is said to be available for purchase, is hinted with the codes "MP_HEIST_DLC_CONTENT_VEHICLES," "MP_Buy_PEGASUS_UNLOCK_TMJ_1.500.000$" and "PILOT_SCHOOL_VEHICLE_HYDRA." The latter was supposedly added with the 1.19 "GTA V" update. According to Shady Lapse, the Hydra will be available for purchase after the military heist is completed.

Techspouse claims online Heists is on its final stages of development and will be released soon. The DLC will reportedly be available on Jan. 27. The content update will coincidentally come with the release of the PC version of "GTA V."

However, Rockstar Games has yet to release an update on the expansion pack's release date. What developers have confirmed so far is that a Heists mission will require a four-player team to complete. Rockstar also shared its first trailer for the "GTA V" DLC back in December showcasing the "multi-tiered Heists across Los Santos and Blaine County."

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Source: YouTube/Rockstar Games