'GTA V' Heists Release Date Update: DLC Said To Be Available On Feb. 24—Report

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Rockstar Games previously announced the much-anticipated online Heists for “GTA V” will be available in early 2015 and will be launched ahead of the release of the PC version of the game. However, no exact release date was mentioned except the assurance of the DLC’s availability in the “coming weeks.” But according to a report, Heists will be available on Feb. 24, ahead of the March 24 release of “GTA V” for the PC.

Chinatopix and Kdramastars reported the content has been scheduled for a Feb. 24 release. According to  Kdramastars, 4Chan users have supposedly discovered an entry of the date in the PlayStation store for “GTA V.” Gaming news reporter Cyberland reportedly leaked the release date and also noted the date Feb. 24 was deleted by Sony soon after gamers noticed the entry.  Youtube user DomisLive also noted on its video that Heists could also be released on the said date.

However, Rockstar Games has yet to officially announce the release date of the much-anticipated DLC.  Rockstar on its newswire previously assured online Heists for “GTA V” will come as a free update to all consoles including the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC.  According to a previous report from the International Business Time Australia, the DLC is said to be on its final stages of development. This information is said to be backed up by Shawn Fonteno, one of the game's voice actors who plays as Franklin. Fonteno supposedly revealed Rockstar is definitely working on the content and said it's ready for release any time soon. However, he didn't provide an exact release date. 

Rockstar revealed its first trailer for the anticipated online Heists back in December. The DLC is expected to feature new weapons and new clothing and also new gameplay. Rockstar on its newswire said Heists for “GTA V Online” will need close communication and coordination among players as they try to complete each Heists missions.

Some source codes for the DLC were also leaked back in December. Its believed the codes refer to the contents included in the online Heists, which features the addition of new weapons, new contact, new animals and vehicles among others. “GTA V” tipster Shady Lapse have released the codes at Se7ensins forums.  

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