Rockstar Games has announced the “GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals” update, which allows GTA fans to buy a fully staffed and upgradeable Super Yacht. The new update includes personal team of bodyguards, new customizable apartments and stilt houses in the Vinewood Hills.

Rockstar Games has been adding massive content for free to the “GTA Online” multiplayer mode as a way of supporting it with the continually growing “GTA Online” community. The new free “GTA Online” update adds a touch of class and a lot of new gameplay mode for players to explore once more the world of “Grand Theft Auto.”

Over at the official Rockstar Games Newswire, the developer announced the details of the latest update. VIPs who run their own organizations will now gain special abilities, new tasks, challenges in Freemode. As VIPs, they will be able to hire other players as their bodyguards. These bodyguards will earn pay cheque on a regular basis and they’ll also get extra RP, GTA money, and power ups for their efforts.

The new Extraction Adversary Mode brings more exciting challenge for bodyguards as they have to locate and rescue an executive after their jet crash before they get killed by hit squad searching for them. According to Rockstar, there are some automatic game modes available that will be adapted when played.

To keep the VIPs safe, the new vehicles are added that come equipped with weapons. The fully staffed Super Yacht comes along with a helipad, a boat and an anti-air missile launcher. According to GameRant, the new “GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals” update brings several new vehicles such as the the Bravado Verlierer and the Imponte Nightshade. The new update also includes Turreted Limo by the German luxury automaker Benefactor. The Turreted Limo has upgraded armor along with a minigun turret on top. The armoured limo may not be tough as the tanks, but it is certainly distinctive.

“GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals” update gives opportunities to buy luxury properties in Vinewood. As expected, the update will also bring in more weapons, though Rockstar has not given any specifics on this at the moment. More information are expected before the update hits.

The “GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals expansion” is not the only recent update that “GTA Online” fans can expect. A few days ago, “GTA Online” players were introduced to a new Adversary Mode ‘Every Bullet Counts.’ The challenging event takes the players to use their limited ammo to kill the three rivals. Prior to that, Rockstar Games also introduced GTA Online Lowriders update.

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GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Rockstar Games)