The newest update for “GTA Online,” dubbed as the Lowriders DLC, is already available for all platforms, the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It will bring in a vast vehicle customisation feature that Lost Santos can offer, in the form of the Benny’s Original Motor Works. in addition, it will rake in two new cars, a new job for “GTA Online” players and friends, new modes and new tools.

Kicking off the latest “GTA Online” update are the two new cars, the Declasse Moonbeam with its handy backdoors for getaway bullets from the two-handed weapons inside. There’s also the Willard Faction vehicle, and these two cars are fully customisable in the newest modification feature Benny’s Original Motor Works, developer Rockstar revealed via its Newswire.

Three new modes are also coming in the update. Keep the Pace requires players to always be at a specific speed as they race through certain obstacles—the goal is to not die by slowing down. In Offense Defense, a team will have to split members into Protectors and Runners. The latter will need to get to a certain part of the route, while the former do their best to block of other Runners outside their team while protecting their own Runners. Finally, the Relay mode is the namesake of the classic obstacles activity, but this time with cars, laps and team-tagging.

The Rockstar Editor’s Director Mode is receiving a new feature in the “GTA Online” Lowriders update as well. The Scene Creator will let players capture Rockstar Editor clips and use more than 200 props can be used for backdrops. Up to four scenes can be saved.

Other features that players can expect include new cosmetic features and new options and commands in-game. Trigger-happy fans will be happy to know that Freemode Weapon pickups will introduce 200 weapon pickups all over Los Santos and Blaine County.

The release of the Lowriders DLC also confirmed to some “GTA V Online” fans that the rumoured accompanying Halloween content is true. Gearnuke managed to get the price list for the items being sold at Benny’s Original Motor Works.

Apart from the price list, the report also features screenshots of the vehicles meant for the Halloween update. The parts that are available at Benny’s Original Motor Works include upgrades, car parts, vanity plates, plaques and liveries. The items that are the most expensive are the hydraulics. The Chrome Pump has three variants, the Quad Pumps (four in a Row) for RP $125,000, Quad Pumps (two by two) for RP $200,000 and Quad Pumps (V-Pattern) for $250,000.

Other parts like liveries, steering wheels, ornaments, wheels, trim design, dial design and vanity plates can cost somewhere around five-digits. This is why players need to make sure they have a lot of cash to customize the Lowriders cars.

"GTA Online" Lowriders trailer (Credit: YouTube/Rockstar Games)

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