Grotti X80
Grotti X80 is coming with the "GTA Online" Power Play Week. Rockstar Newswire

“GTA Online” for PS4, Xbox One and PC has just received a new update, and it’s bringing quite a lot of punch and car power into the game. Dubbed as Power Play, the new update gives new abilities to help pave the way towards victory against opponents.

Over at the Rockstar Newswire, the developer announced that there will be six power-ups coming to “GTA Online.” These power-ups can transform players into a Beast, slow down time, let a player’s team rampage, make the team invisible for good sneak attacks and the like.

Namely, the power-ups are Beasted, Zoned, Doped, Raging, Flipped and Dark. Players should note that the power-ups are temporary so players will need to use them in the best time possible.

“Each player can use one power up at a time, but layers of strategy exist through stacking power-ups with other teammates, or triggering power-ups to counteract enemy team advantages,” said Rockstar Games.

The new update is introducing a super future car, the Grotti X80 Proto. This is going to join the Legendary Motorsport, which features quite the great engine and an even better machine for Special Cargo Deliveries. The Grotti X80 can be seen above.

Finally, running for the entire week until June 27, “GTA Online” players can check out the Power Play Week. This will bring double GTA$ and RP in the Power Play Playlist. Logging in to “GTA Online” will also let players unlock the new Grotti in-game tee, available only exclusively for the Power Play Week.

As usual, with a new weekly activity comes a few discounts, with all sea and air vehicles, as well as ambitious Executive rides. There will be 50 percent on all three variations of Swifts, the Valkyries and the Lampadati Toro. The Homing Launcher will be at 33 percent, to aid in protecting Special Cargo from airborne attacks.