GTA Online
"GTA Online" players can check out the new Inch by Inch Adversary Mode. Rockstar Games

“GTA Online” will have another new update slated to come on April 12. Dubbed as the inch by Inch Adversary Mode, this will kick up a new kind of challenge for the players.

Developer Rockstar Newswire announced via the Newswire that the new Adversary Mode will see players competing for a Package, with the goal of getting through bullets and opponents to reach the team’s end zone. This is a fast-paced challenge, because with every score gained, a reset happens.

The new Adversary Mode for Inch by Inch will also make teamwork a central play for this mode. Given that it’s a man-the-package approach, this means that the person in charge of the package will have to depend on his teammates, as he will not be able to use any weapons.

In tandem with this, this week will also feature Event Bonuses for “GTA Online” players. Specifically, there will be a double GTA$ and RP on the rotating playlist of Adversary Modes for the entire week. This will include the Inch by Inch mode once it becomes available on Tuesday.

From April 12 to 14, the Inch by Inch 1 will be available as a Playlist schedule. This will be featured in the Double GTA$ and RP Adversary Mode Playlist. These are all easily replayable via the Rockstar Playlists section of the “GTA Online” pause section.

As usual, the event will features discounts over at Ammu-nation. Until April 14, Ammu-nation will feature 25 percent discounts for sniper rifles, 30 percent discount for shotgun attachments, 40 percent discount on shotguns and 50 percent discount on sniper rifle attachments and body armour.

Also coming in on April 12 is the Vapid Minivan Custom via the Benny’s Original Motor Works. This is a great addition, especially for those who have just purchased a 10-car property and the Declasse Tornado from the previous week.

While these are the confirmed new additions to “GTA Online,” one fan had spotted a few new modifications via the code. GTA 5 Cheats reported that there is a hidden modifications to the LSPD Vapid Cruiser. The fan sighted the possibility of modifying the police and civil variants of the LSPD Vapid Cruiser. This was not ascertained by the developer though, with speculation just running high that the vehicle can be customised in “GTA V.”

Because of this, the source does speculate that vehicle modification may be in the cards. This takes into consideration the other hidden modifications for vehicles like paint jobs for planes. For now, this should be taken with a grain of salt, as this has never been confirmed by Rockstar Games.

"GTA Online" Inch by Inch Adversary Mode (Credit: YouTube/MrBossFTW)