GTA Online
"GTA Online" will get the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony expansion in June. Rockstar Games

“GTA Online” players can look forward to another expansion come June. Dubbed as Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, the latest expansion is set to make players aim for the ultimate criminal kingpin status in Los Santos and Blaine Country.

The new expansion is also set to be one of the “biggest and deepest updates yet” for “GTA Online.” In the latest Rockstar update, the developer confirmed that this latest expansion will let players expand the organisation and become their own boss as CEO of a Criminal Enterprise.

Some of the activities for Further Adventures in Finance and Felony include acquisitions of high-rise offices and warehouses properties for buying and selling contrabands. Players will also have to fight against the police and also the underworld to access the rarest items and become the biggest boss through profits.

The only concrete details as that Rockstar Games gave is the release date on June 7. However, new details and the official trailer is expected sometime this week.

While all of that is still in the pipeline, Rockstar Games has also teased the ongoing activity Head to Head Week. Ending on June 2, this is the newest double RP events related to all Races. For the rest of the week, players can earn more RP by accessing the Races in the featured Playlist.

There are also some big discounts offered. Teased over at Rockstar Games Twitter, some notable discounts include 50 percent off on all hot property market for Stilt Houses and the Benefactora Dubsta. Benny’s upgrades, as well as select Ammu-nation items like the Hawk & Little Homing Launcher, Shrewsbury RPG and select ammo are offered at 25 percent discounts.

Insurgent discounts are split between standard Insurgent, which are offered at 25 percent discount, and Armed Insurgent, offered at 50 percent off. The Head-to-Head week is a great way to stock up on resources to prepare for the upcoming expansion.