A rescue mission for Rosalee Calvert (Bree Turner) will be carried out in “Grimm” Season 5, episode 3 titled “Lost Boys.” Cast member David Giuntoli teases in an interview the other things that will keep his “Grimm” character Nick Burkhardt busy in the new season of NBC’s supernatural drama series.

Spoiler Alert: This feature contains major “Grimm” Season 5 spoilers.

NBC has released the synopsis and promo video for the third episode of “Grimm” Season 5. The promo video teases an intense and dramatic new episode as Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) freaks out over the disappearance of his wife Rosalee.

According to the new episode’s synopsis in a Hollywood Hills report, a group of orphaned children targets Rosalee as the mother figure that they have always wished for. Nick Burkhardt, Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby) and a furious Monroe will be on a mission of saving Rosalee after finding out about a connection to a previous missing persons case that they worked on.

Elsewhere in the episode, Adalind Schade (Claire Coffee) will be thinking about returning to her career as a lawyer after running into an old colleague. David Giuntoli shared in an exclusive interview with Parade.com that Nick and Adalind will have a common cause in “Grimm” Season 5 which is keeping their baby safe.

Giuntoli thinks Nick, who will be embracing fatherhood in the new season, is going to stop at nothing when it comes to protecting his child. Giuntoli adds Adalind will also have the same impulse in “Grimm” Season 5.

Giuntoli, 35, further teased that the new baby will be in tremendous danger. “Nick, basically, wants to take it into a bunker with him and Adalind. And you will see that maybe we do,” Giuntoli shared.

When asked if Nick could have a new romance with Adalind in “Grimm” Season 5, Giuntoli responded that a romantic relationship between the two characters could start budding. However, Giuntoli describes the pairing to be “very bizarre” and a Stockholm Syndrome romance.

Furthermore, Giuntoli share that there are more important things to deal with in the upcoming episodes of “Grimm” Season 5 than the Nick-Adalind relationship. “Grimm” Season 5 returns with episode 3 titled “Lost Boys” on Friday night, Nov. 13, at 9/8c on NBC.

Watch the “Grimm - Next: Rosalee Goes Missing (Preview)” video:

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