Portland Police Department detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) will be juggling professional and personal life in the next episode of “Grimm” Season 5. The synopsis and promo video of “Grimm” Season 5, episode 4 titled “Maiden Quest” tease on Nick’s new mobster case and co-parenting relationship with Adalind Schade (Claire Coffee).

Spoiler Alert: This feature contains major “Grimm” Season 5 spoilers.

The synopsis of “Grimm” Season 5, episode 4 in a Carter Matt report teases that the viewers will meet a character named Elena. Madeline Zima guest stars in the new episode to portray Elena, the daughter of a wealthy mobster.

In the upcoming episode, Elena’s father will be sending three young men on a quest. The winner will marry Elena and earn the wealthy mobster’s fortune.

However, dead bodies begin to pile up as the three young men accomplish their quest so Nick and Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby) work on the case. The synopsis further teased that a surprise visitor will show up in the new episode to shake things up for Nick and Adalind, who are trying to adjust to a new home life with their baby.

Meanwhile, “Grimm” cast member Claire Coffee has teased in an interview with She Knows what’s in store for her character Adalind in the new season of NBC’s supernatural drama series. Coffee shared that Nick and Adalind will form a bond because of their child but did not divulge if the relationship between the two “Grimm” characters will turn into a romantic one.

“I think it's easy to let bygones be bygones when you have a baby that's, you know, that really does need you 24 hours a day,” Coffee explained. Another storyline to look forward to in “Grimm” Season 5 involves Diana, Adalind’s other child with Captain Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz).

Coffee teased that the new season is filming its eleventh episode and Adalind has not gotten her daughter back yet. Coffee thinks Adalind’s bond with Diana is really strong but things will be initially difficult when the two reunites because her daughter has spent more time with whoever took her.

“Grimm” Season 5 airs on Friday nights at 9/8c on NBC. The fourth episode of “Grimm” Season 5 titled “Maiden Quest” is scheduled to air on Nov. 20.

Watch the “Grimm 5x04 Promo ‘Maiden Quest’ (HD)” video:

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