A 'Grand Theft Auto Five' Promotion
A promotion for the computer game "Grand Theft Auto Five" is show in a Game Stop gaming story in Encinitas, California September 17, 2013. Reuters

“Grand Theft Auto Online” has been a fun experience for players throughout, and its content provides players with tons of things to do. Recent reports now show that the game’s Freemode is set to change things up a bit with an array of events that will come next week.

Rockstar made the announcement on its official website, stating that the events will come with the latest update, set to debut on Sept. 15. The events scheduled to come to the Freemode of “Grand Theft Auto Online” are ambient events which don’t require players to enter or wait in the lobbies. Rockstar notes that these events will just happen and players can join in instantly.

Some of the oncoming events sees classic game modes such as King of the Castle, wherein players will have to hold their own for as long as possible against the other players. Players could also opt to play inside cars with Moving Target, a vehicle-based deathmatch. Aside from the classic modes, players can also choose to play fun and innovative modes created by Rockstar. One such mode is Penned In where players are trapped inside a bubble the shrinks through time. Any player that goes beyond the bubble is killed, therefore eliminated.

But one of the more odd modes is Hunt the Beast, which sees one player transformed into a werewolf. The werewolf will then have to survive as long as possible as he is hunted down by the other players. To make things more convenient for the player, Rockstar will give players the option to choose the Freemode events that will be triggered for them.

Rockstar also promises to bring two new Adversary modes in the update. The first of which is Hunting Pack which has one team try to deliver a vehicle that is set to explode if it stops or slows down, the other team’s objective is to stop the vehicle from being delivered. The other mode dubbed Cross the Line pits two teams against each other. The arena will consist of three zones, each team will be given one zone while in between them will be a neutral are. The team to get to the opponent’s zone wins.

The update will also give the Rockstar Editor to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. The new console’s Rockstar Editor will ship with new features including a sound effects library. “Grand Theft Auto Online” players should expect more from Rockstar as Director of Design, Imran Sarwar told IGN that they will be continuing to support the game.

"As long as people continue to play and enjoy GTA Online, we will keep making content and evolving the experience,” Samwar said to IGN.

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