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In this week’s episode of “Gotham,” Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) finally gives in to what Lesley Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) thinks is the monster inside him. He teams up with Penguin to finally bring down Theo Galavan (James Frain).

Things are in disarray over at Wayne Manor. Both Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) and Bruce Wayne are missing. Bruce has been abducted by Theo Galavan, while Alfred ended up in a dumpster, following his confrontation with Tabitha Galavan in the previous episode.

While attempting to escape Tabitha, who is still in hot pursuit, Alfred tries to commandeer a vehicle. He gets arrested in the process and ends up in the Gotham City Police Department. Meanwhile, Lucius Fox is also at the GCPD. After fixing the hard drive on the computer in Thomas Wayne’s secret cave, he discovers that both Bruce and Alfred are missing.

He suspects that Galavan is involved, but he has no proof. When Alfred turns up in prison with a story about his confrontation with Tabitha, both Lucius and Harvey Bullock are already on the edge. Unfortunately, Capt. Barnes refuses to let them go after Galavan unless they have any kind of evidence that he kidnapped anybody.

Alfred, Lucius and Harvey all decide that they will go after Galavan whether the police give them permission or not. However, they know that they need Jim Gordon. Ed Nygma (Michael Cory Smith) overhears them and could not help but offer them a riddle that states Jim’s whereabouts. He is shocked when Lucius figures it out, and he tells the group where Jim is in hiding with Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor).

Jim has been recovering under the care of Penguin and Nygma, after Penguin rescued him from Galavan’s goons. He was abducted by Galavan and was in the process of getting beaten to death when Penguin came to his rescue in the previous episode. Unfortunately, Jim is wanted by the police after he attempted to attack Galavan and threatened to kill him inside a courtroom. Jim lost his composure when Galavan was cleared of kidnapping charges.

When Jim recovers well enough from his injuries, Penguin convinces him that they need to work together. Jim knows that the police can’t back him up against Galavan since they have no solid evidence against the man. When his girlfriend Lesley turns up with news that she’s pregnant, Jim has a change of heart. He is ready to leave Penguin to the task of killing their enemy. However, things change again when Alfred, Harvey and Lucius arrive.

Jim finds out that Bruce has been kidnapped by Galavan. Lesley is unable to argue, since she knows that she can’t possibly ask Jim to let Bruce die in the hands of his enemy. She leaves town and asks him to contact her when the whole mission is over.

Speaking of Galavan, his plans are falling into place. He is now the Mayor of Gotham City, and he is poised to destroy the Wayne family and take over Wayne Enterprises. With the help of the Order of St. Dumas, he has kidnapped Bruce and intends to kill him in a ritual sacrifice.

Before he proceeds with the ritual, he tests the loyalty of Silver St. Cloud (Natalie Alyn Lind). He asks her to make Bruce fall in love with her again, only to cruelly watch him die with a smile. Silver is conflicted because she seems to genuinely like Bruce. Tabitha doesn’t like what her brother is doing, and the two of them argue about his sinister moves.

Meanwhile, Silver tries to help Bruce escape. Theo catches them and they both end up locked up again. Silver tells Bruce her story, and he tells her that he knows she’s been playing him all along. However, he still tries to help her by kissing her in front of Theo, so she can avoid his wrath. Theo is impressed and thinks that his niece has actually completed her task.

With everything ready, Theo and the other members of The Order of St. Dumas begin their ritual. Just before Bruce’s throat is sliced open, Silver shouts out and attempts to stop the ritual. Luckily, Alfred, Penguin, Harvey and Gordon barge in at the same time. They gain access to the building with the help of Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova).

A violent standoff ensues, and the group of vigilantes manage to kill all the monks. Bruce is safe, but Theo, Tabitha and Silver have sneaked out to another room. Theo brings out a pair of parachutes and tells Tabitha that they can escape through their penthouse window. He also expresses his disappointment with Silver and decides to leave her behind. Tabitha has a change of heart and knocks over Galavan; she gives Silver the other parachute, and the two of them escape. She tellls him that he has turned into a monster that she can no longer recognise. Theo is left for Jim Gordon to find.

Jim finally comes face to face with Theo and attempts to arrest him. Jim is conflicted because he knows that Galavan might be able to find a way to freedom once again. He has half a mind on shooting him on the spot when Capt. Barnes arrives. He insists that Galavan needs to stand fair trial.

Penguin arrives and interrupts Branes and Jim’s argument by knocking the police captain unconscious. Penguin attempts to shoot Theo, but Jim is standing in the way. The two of them argue, and Penguin manages to convince Jim that Theo’s crimes will never be over unless he’s dead and in the ground. Jim knows that this is true and he eventually gives in to Penguin’s wishes. They take him out of the building and summarily execute him together.

Jim has finally given in to his inner monster, but he knows that his actions were done for the greater good. His decision to hold back on shooting a criminal has resulted in the death of his colleague in the past. He knows that killing Galavan ha saved Gotham from many future deaths and atrocities.

How has the incident changed Jim Gordon? Find out in the second half of the season, when “Gotham” returns on Monday. February 29, at 8:00 p.m. ET on FOX.

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