An Android Smartphone Displays Google Website
An Android smartphone displays the Google website in this picture illustration in Seoul September 7, 2011. Reuters/Truth Leem

Owners of devices that run on Android have had the said application for quite some time already. Gizmodo reports that there are other apps and desktop software that offers the same features but the Chrome Remote Desktop is free to download in the Chrome Web Store.

According to Apple Insider, the advantage of using the Chrome browser extension with the iOS app is the multi-support platform. The Chrome Remote Desktop can support PCs that use Windows and Linux as its platform, while PCs running on Windows XP and higher versions and Macs running on OS X 10.6 and above will have more secure file access.

In addition, the screen of the mobile devices will mirror the desktop computer which will allow users to access files, run software and it will also allow the phone or tablet to provide IT support to others, assisting them on their own screen on how to do something. The app will even work over a mobile data connection, which means users can access their home computer even when traveling or elsewhere.

On how it works, there are a few easy steps needed to set-up the PC or Mac and the iPhone or iPad so it can communicate with each other. First, the user must create a Google account (either Gmail or Google+). Google's Chrome browser is also needed to install the app on the computer. Users must also install the app on the iPhone or iPad from iTunes.

The app works with a Chrome browser extension and users must set-up their PCs or Macs by entering a system-generated code in order to sync with the iOS devices. Upon completion of the set-up, the iOS app can already be used to remotely link with the PC or Mac.

Finally, Google released the Chrome Remote Desktop for Android devices in April of 2104. Aside from Google's Chrome Web Store, the app is also available through the App Store for a free 9MB download and works on remotely accessing both PCs and Macs.

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