Android mascots are lined up in the demonstration area at the Google I/O Developers Conference in the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, May 10, 2011. Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

Google, Inc. will again be investigated over antitrust issues by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The investigation was fuelled by the European Union’s antitrust chief, who challenged Google over its dominance of Internet search.

The new FTC investigation seeks to determine if Google blocked its rival’s access to its Android mobile operating system. Officials from the FTC have met with other tech company representatives who claim Google has been giving special attention to its own services and products on the Android platform, said Bloomberg.

It’s the second time in less than three years that the FTC has investigated Google. The search giant was recently involved in complaints having to do with its advertising networks.

One company questioning Google’s tactics is Disconnect. The European company cried foul when its app was consistently thrown out of the Google Play Store. Another complaint is about YouTube’s Kids app, which unfairly exposes children to targeted advertising for unhealthy food, among others, The Guardian reported.

The EU and the U.S. have significant differences in conducting investigations about anticompetitive behaviour. The EU relies more on the merits of the argument. The FTC goes further than that, but its methods are more abstract and hard to prove, said Fox News.

If the FTC moves towards pursuing a case against Google, it will have to strictly lay down its main concerns in a so-called statement of objections, which gives Google an opportunity to respond.

Google's Android Under Antitrust Investigation by FTC (Credit:YouTube/Wochit Tech)

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