Season 7 Episode 10 of “The Good Wife” was the last episode of 2015 and the show is set to continue airing in January next year. In the episode, titled “KSR,” Eli (Alan Cumming) made a huge revelation to Alicia (Julianna Margulies).

Eli would have divulged that Peter (Chris Noth) was involved in Alicia’s election scandal, which would certainly strain their marriage. However, Eli decided to share something else, putting a twist on matters.

Eli was apparently starting to care for Courtney (Vanessa Williams). He placed a lot on the line hoping to make Courtney change her mind. Courtney, however, did not see their relationship getting any more serious. When it was time for her to return to California for work, it was easier for her to say goodbye.

The stress of the breakup eventually brought Eli to Alicia. Eli was concerned about Alicia and the latter thinks that their bond is going beyond friendship.

Eli told Alicia that six years ago, she had a voice message from Will Gardner (Josh Charles). In the message, Will said that he loved Alicia and would give up everything to be with her. Eli erased the message with the intention of not jeopardizing Peter’s election plans. He said that he regrets not letting Alicia listen to the message and that he had felt terrible about it since. He added that he does not want to interfere with Alicia’s happiness again.

The voicemail is an issue that dates back to “The Good Wife” Season 1. Things may have been different if Eli had allowed Alicia listen to Will -- the latter died in Season 5. Alicia was obviously broken by the message. All she could tell Eli was to get out.

The case of the week involved a doctor who kidnapped someone because he was having fantasies. The judge eventually overturned the guilty verdict.

Meanwhile, Jason (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) left for a job offered by Courtney in another state. The contract would last two months, which would give Peter’s associates some relief, considering the frequent flirtatious exchanges between Jason and Alicia. If the public finds out that they were romantically linked, Peter’s presidential bid would fail.

“The Good Wife” Season 7 episode 11, titled “Iowa,” returns on CBS in January 10, 2016.

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