When Archie Panjabi left “The Good Wife” Season 6 in May, there were rumours that she and Julianna Margulies did not shoot their final scene together due to a feud.

Entertainment Weekly reported that CBS used a split-screen to place both actresses in the same frame, since it was not possible to have the two present in the same scene together.

However Margulies, who plays the star character Alicia in the series, on Sunday tried to refute talks that she had had an argument with Panjabi, who plays Kalinda, at the New Yorker Festival.

“It’s totally gossip. I feel people just like to have gossip or make something into something that isn’t there. There’s no animosity on my part. It’s a shame, because I wonder if it was two men, when one finds out that he f----ed his best friend’s wife, if it would get that same attention, you know what I mean?” Margulies said in a report by Vulture.

Fans had noticed that in the middle of Season 4, the two actresses, whose characters were best friends, ceased to appear in scenes together. In fact, they did not appear in the same scene over the next two years, including the Season 6 finale that allegedly had to use a special-effects split screen to have the two characters converse. It was the last time that Panjabi would appear on “The Good Wife.”

Margulies said that the split-screen incident was just the way that Robert King wanted to shoot. She added that it was difficult to have Panjabi in the last episode because she was also working on another show titled “The Fall.”

However, Panjabi confirmed that there truly was a rift between them. She tweeted that “The Fall” was not even in production when she was in New York and ready to film the last scene of “The Good Wife” Season 6.

Season 7 of “The Good Wife” recently aired on Oct. 14 on CBS. The first episode, titled “Bond,” was deemed a solid episode by critics, TV.com reports.

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