Global Warming Elucidated Like Never Before [Watch ‘Your Street’ Get Inundated Underwater]

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A man wades through a flooded road after heavy rainfall
A man wades through a flooded road after heavy rainfall in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad August 8, 2007. REUTERS/AMIT DAVE

Global Warming is easily one of the most discussed global problems in the world. On the other hand, this is a subject many people refuse to acknowledge as a global threat. This is predominantly because, the idea of human actions depleting our planet's climate seems like a concocted story to many. On the contrary, this global threat is taken quite seriously by many organisations and they are doing whatever they can to educate the masses on this topic. Two such organisations have done their bit to explain the Global Warming like never before.

BGR has cited two incredible sites namely and that have used technology to explain the effects of Global Warming to mankind. The former site shows National Climate Assessment report from the White House, whereas the latter uses the Google Street View images to explain the viewers how their hometowns would look like, in case they inundate under water. The pictures look spectacular and readers are advised to pay a visit to both the websites to see for themselves.

Notably, the website has made use of graphics, high-resolution images and social media integration to make the site look up-to-date. Apart from the underwater visuals, the site has uploaded quite a bunch of details pertaining to the present-day condition of Global Warming and Climate Change, plus there are materials to show how the future of Earth looks like.

How To View "My Street" Inundated With Water?

The website has listed down various pictures from different locations amassed with the help of Google's Street View. These pictures are believed to show some of the substantially affected regions, thanks to the ever-rising oceans. In addition to the selected locations showcased on the main page, readers can also check out how their own streets would look like in case it gets submerged. In order to view their own streets, readers should type down the address in the "search address" text box located at the bottom of the main page and click the search icon. Upon waiting for a couple of seconds, readers can see their own streets flooded with water. Furthermore, readers can also click the "take action" button located on the right-hand side of the page to calculate individual emission and more.

In order to spread Global Warming awareness, readers can also share the inundated Street View location with social media like Facebook and Twitter. How aware are you about Global Warming? Feel free to leave a comment.

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