After his victory on the recently concluded Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 167, Georges St. Pierre (GSP) has announced that he will be taking a break for some time.

"I need to hang up my gloves," said GSP during an interview after the match.

According to TMZ, GSP is currently facing some personal dilemmas. Maybe these dilemmas are the real reasons why he is taking a break from UFC. As reported by TMZ, GSP's father is dying. The illness that his father is battling right now is not revealed though.

The second dilemma that GSP is reportedly facing is an unplanned pregnancy of a woman that he, apparently, had slept with. GSP seemed not ready to father the child but the woman is determined to keep the baby.

At a press conference after his fight with Johny Hendricks, he told the media some hints why there is a need for him to take a break. "I am going crazy," GSP said. "I have some issues and I feel I need to relax a bit," he added. "I need to get out for a little while, I really don't know what to do," he said.

Meanwhile, UFC president Dana White had a private meeting with the Canadian mixed martial artist. White stated that GSP's dilemmas are not as bad as he thinks they are. "We will get through this," said White.

White has reportedly been frustrated about GSP's victory against Hendricks, and he is hoping for a rematch. "I am blown away that GSP won the fight," said White. "I am a promoter, GSP is the biggest pay-per-view star on the planet for me," added White. "I still do not think that he won that fight," I want what is fair and the fight was not fair," concluded White.

A rematch would certainly be nice, not to mention profitable for White and UFC, but it looks like it will not happen very soon, unless GSP takes back what he said.


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