Sophie Turner
Actor Sophie Turner arrives at a screening of X-Men Apocalypse at a cinema in London, Britain, May 9, 2016. Reuters/Hannah McKay

“Game of Thrones” season 7 is set to play up the sibling rivalry of Jon Snow and Sansa Stark. In a recent interview, cast member Sophie Turner teased her character taking an even darker turn after failing to get the much-deserved credit for a victory in battle.

“I think she definitely feels left out. There’s a jealousy there,” Turner (Sansa Stark) told Foxtel. The actress explained that her character feels she deserves the title of Queen in the North, and that there has been an “injustice,” as her efforts in winning the war against the Boltons hasn’t been recognised. Her brother Jon Snow (Kit Harington), who was in the thick of the battle, was given the title King in the North after strong support from Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey).

“Not only are the Northerners in general not backing her, but neither is Jon,” Turner explained. There was a definite hint of jealousy when fans last saw the Starks in the North. “I think if Jon was appreciative and spoke to her about it then she wouldn’t have a problem with all the Northern Lords now bowing down to her. All she wants is the respect of her brother."

As far as Jon Snow is concerned, Harington feels there is now real danger of his character losing his life. He pointed out that he felt safe in the previous season because the producers would not kill a character after bringing him back to life. Going forward, however, the actor explained that no one is safe, a line that even the main cast members have often repeated over the years.

In “Game of Thrones” season 7 it is “down to business” for Jon Snow, Harington said. “The world is ending and he knows it’s in real danger, but at least he’s in a place where he can start addressing that in a real way and having people listen to him when he is warning them."