Kit Harington
Actor Kit Harington from the HBO series "Game of Thrones" arrives at the 21st annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, California January 25, 2015. Reuters/Mike Blake

The validity of the popular R + L = J theory is expected to be tested in “Game of Thrones” Season 6, as the show may now explore the parentage of Jon Snow. In a recent interview, cast member Ellie Kendrick shared her thoughts on the theory and it’s relation to her character on the show.

[Spoiler alert]

The R + L = J theory states that Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is actually the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Another aspect to this theory is that Meera (Kendrick) is Jon’s sister.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Kendrick said that the producers haven’t revealed anything about the parentage of her character on the show. However, she hopes that the theory is true because that would mean “great things” for her character.

“I think people might just be thinking that because we've both got curly hair,” the actress pointed out. Kendrick didn’t want to speculate about the parentage of her character.

At the moment, even “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series, on which “Game of Thrones” TV series is based on, also doesn’t reveal these details and author George R. R. Martin is yet to complete the next book in the series. Kendrick said that the author’s mind is a “complex wormhole than we could possibly imagine.”

“I think there's definitely a mystery to Meera and Jojen and their parentage, but I think it'll unwind itself eventually,” Kendrick said. If the R + L = J turns out to be true and Meera gets a chance to sit on the Iron Throne, Kendrick feels that her character would not be “all that good.” “She's a little bit of a socialist at heart, I don't think she'll be able to rule with the iron fist that the throne requires,” she said.

“Game of Thrones” Season 6 will premiere on April 24th. Fans of the franchise are eagerly waiting to see how Jon Snow will be resurrected on the show and if the R + L = J theory is right.