'Furious 7' Full Scene Of Cars Dropping From Plane Revealed [Watch Video]

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IN PHOTO: A plane tows an R.I.P. sign over an unofficial memorial event for "Fast & Furious" star Paul Walker in Santa Clarita, California December 8, 2013. Thousands of fans are visiting the area near the site where Walker and Roger Rodas died in a single-vehicle accident last weekend. REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn

A new video released by the producers of “Furious 7” gives the fans an extended look of the scene involving cars dropping out of a plane. The scene is one of many action sequences that feature in the upcoming movie.

The scene mostly appears to focus on the fears of the character Roman Pearce, apart from the action. The video begins with Dominic and all his crew members sitting in their cars at the back of a plane. For readers who are wondering what plane was used in the car drop scene in “Furious 7,” it was the Lockheed C-130 Hercules military transport vehicle.

Some of the fans may have already seen the car drop scene in the previous trailers of the movie, but the new extended look of the video shows just how reluctant Roman was in the scene. The character can be seen praying in the video just before the jump.

Dominic and his crew members drop out of the plane one by one, but Roman stays behind. The scared character tries to convince the other others that it might be a good idea if he stayed behind in the car. Brian and Letty Ortiz fail to convince him otherwise.

Tej and Dominic, however, had anticipated problems from Roman and put their backup plan in action. Apparently they installed a parachute in Roman’s car that is remote controlled. No amount of brakes by Roman stops his car from being dragged out of the plane, when Tej activates the parachute. The crew members have a small window in the scene to reach the location of their enemy in “Furious 7.”

The first official trailer of the movie, released in November 2014, showed that the car drop scene is followed by the scene where Dominic and his crew rescue Ramsey from an armoured bus. The scene features Paul Walker jumping from the edge of the bus, just before it falls off a cliff.

The video also gives viewers a glimpse of United Arab Emirates and some other action sequences in the movie. Dominic and his crew will be travelling to Abu Dhabi in “Furious 7,” the desert near the city and the cast members dressed for a party can be seen in the video.

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Source – YouTube/ Fast & Furious

Source – YouTube/ Fast & Furious

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