He is silently deadly, a killer buried but no dead and his name is Jason Voorhees, the man behind the curse on Crystal Lake. Known as "Friday the 13th's" unstoppable killing machine, Jason uses a machete as a weapon as he stalks and kills his victim driven to avenge the death of his mother.

Born in the small town of Camp Crystal Lake, Jason is the son of Elias and Pamela Voorhees who was afflicted with severe facial deformities with a large heart and was mentally disabled. Due to his condition his mother hide him from the rest of the community and home schooled him on the outskirts of the town.

It was in the summer of 1957 when his mother can't find a babysitter and decided to brought him to the camp where she worked as a cook. But because of his looks, campers started bullying him and just when he is about to get away he fell off the dock and went into the lake where he was drowned.

Due to irreposible camp counselors who are suppose to be watching the kids Jason's body was never found. Mad with grief, his mother blamed the counselors and murdered them when the camp was reopened the next summer.

Pamela Voorhees was never suspected of the murders and the camp was nicknamed "Camp Blood" by locals as they believed that the place is cursed. The first appearance of Jason was in a nightmare of Alice, the girl who cut his mother's head off with a machete when she tried to murder her when Alice' family reopened the camp.

After his mother's killing spree, Jason resurrected from the dead and avenged his mother by murdering Alice, his first kill. The summer of 1984 is Jason's bloodiest year ever for this is when he started his mass murders when a group of counselors who are occupying the near-by Packanack Lodge.

Jason was killed in that summer by Tommy Jarvis and was buried in Eternal Peace Cemetery. He killed thirty teenagers and adults for just a few days in that summer which makes him the iconic character in the horror genre.