Now that the month of November has begun, Sony has announced the latest batch of free games for members of the PlayStation Plus program. This month gives fans a dose of magic and zombies, as PS Plus fans get “The Walking Dead: Season Two” from Telltale Games and “Magicka 2” from Paradox Interactive.

According to the official PlayStation Blog, “The Walking Dead” is one of the more acclaimed titles from Telltale Games and is the first series from the developer to gain a second season. A third season of the game series is currently in development and will be released sometime in 2016.

The game’s second season is a continuation of the first, this time following the exploits of Clementine, who survived the events of the first game. Sadly for Clementine, she had to kill her guardian and the game’s original protagonist, Lee, who was slowly turning into a zombie.

Meanwhile, “Magicka 2” is a top-down co-op action game, similar to “Diablo 3” or “Helldivers.” Players can use a variety of elements to their advantage as they take on legions of foes and explore various dungeons. Another interesting aspect of the game is the capability of players to mix up elements to see what kind of attacks they make.

It looks like PS4 users aren’t the only ones who get good games this month though, as Gematsu reported that PS3 and PS Vita owners will also be getting new titles. PS3 owners can have “Beyond Good & Evil HD” from Ubisoft and “Mass Effect 2” from EA Games. Vita owners will be getting “Invizimals,” which originally came out on the PSP.

“Dragon Fin Soup” from Grimm Bros., meanwhile, will be available across all platforms, so a PS Plus member with any of the aforementioned Sony products can access the game. The title also has cross-buy capabilities, so those who purchase the game on the PS4 can download it on their PS Vita.

PS Plus owners will be able to download the games immediately. Free games that are downloaded through PS Plus will not be playable once the account has expired. They will be available again once the account has been renewed.

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PlayStation Plus Free PS4 Games Lineup November 2015 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)