'The Fosters'
A picture of David Lambert as Noah in "The Fosters" Season 4. Facebook/ The Fosters

“The Fosters” Season 4 introduced a new gay teen character played by Kalama Epstein. The actor spoke about playing the new role in a recent interview. Meanwhile, preview video of episode 9 has been released online, teasing a big moment.

In an interview with Out Magazine, Epstein (Noah) said that he prefers to keep his sexuality private at the moment because no matter what he says there will be a “big reaction.” This is the young actor’s first gay role and he says that his family and friends have been “incredibly supportive.”

Epstein pointed out that the audience hasn’t seen a lot of openly gay characters who are also religious on TV. Noah’s mum on the show is a pastor and this allows the character to be supported by his church openly.

The actor explained that often churches are depicted in a “very right-wing,” “not accepting” way. But after “The Fosters” Season 4 Epstein apparently got a lot of messages from kids who said they have never seen something like this before and that the character is really helping them. The actor described getting the messages as “heartwarming.”

Epstein believes that the world has generally become more accepting of gay people in the past few years. There are still bigots around, but the actor feels that the “general support” for the LGBT community has grown “immensely.”

Meanwhile, a sneak peek video of episode 4 has surfaced on YouTube. The preview shows Brandon (David Lambert) saying goodbye to his girlfriend Cortney (Denyse Tontz). The character is heading to Juilliard in New York for what could be the biggest audition in his life.

Brandon’s decision to go to New York in “The Fosters” Season 4 episode 9 could impact his relationship with his girlfriend. If he is successful he will have to move to the city, putting a strain on his relationship.