“Forza Motorsport 6” now has downloadable content (DLC) based on “Fallout 4,” thanks to a partnership between Turn 10 Studios and Bathesda Software. The DLC includes a Ford F100 with a “Fallout 4” paint job and Chryslus Rocket 69, which is a car that only appears in the “Fallout” universe.

Naturally, the “Fallout 4” truck has the signature blue and yellow colour scheme of Vault-Tec, which is the same with “Fallout” mascot Pip-Boy's outfit. The vehicle also has a lot of rust, which fits very well with the post-apocalyptic theme that the “Fallout” series is known for.

Turn 10 stated that the “Fallout 4” Ford100 should be available now for all “Forza Motorsport 6” players, according to Polygon. Obviously, this is to celebrate the arrival of “Fallout 4,” which comes out next week on Nov. 10 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Meanwhile, the Chryslus Rocket 69 won’t be coming to the game until next year, though Turn 10 has not stated if the vehicle will be available for free like the Ford100 or if it will be a paid DLC. It also wasn’t stated when exactly it would be released in 2016, so “Forza” fans will have to wait for this particular vehicle.

Bethesda also told GameSpot that this is the only chance of fans to drive one of the vehicles from “Fallout 4,” confirming that the highly anticipated game will not have any drivable vehicles. Still, this shouldn’t lessen the excitement of players for one of the year’s biggest releases.

With fans' overwhelming anticipation of “Fallout 4,” a number of leaked gameplay videos have started to appear online. These videos are filled with spoilers and can easily be found on YouTube, though they might diminish the experience for any “Fallout” fan who wants to explore the game from the beginning.

“Forza Motorsport 6” is an Xbox One exclusive and is available in all retail stores and Xbox Live. Whether more “Fallout 4” vehicles are in the works for the racing simulator hasn’t been confirmed, but players have two new vehicles to look forward to.

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Forza Motorsport 6 Fallout 4-themed Ford F100 (Credit: YouTube/Xbox)