Supermodel Miranda Kerr has planned to celebrate this coming holiday with her whole family in Australia. She has also been looking forward to experience again their family traditions.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Kerr revealed that her holiday this year will be like a reunion of her family. The model said she has been trilled for too long to see her relatives live together again.

“I’m really excited to see my grandma, all my aunts and uncles, my cousins. there’s about 30 of us, and it’s always a lot of fun because everyone’s helping out,” she said.

Kerr explained that every member of their family loves to cook and each has their own task. She recalled how her mother takes control of everything and how she finds holiday a perfect time for people to be together.

“It’s just such nice atmosphere to be together. You know, we were so used to all living together, in the same little country town, but now we’re all over the world -- and when we’re together, it feels like we never left each other,” she said.

As per other family traditions, the model has been looking forward to see her grandmother play the piano. She also revealed that everyone will be singing, including her. “I love to sing -- I don’t know if I’m good or not, but I’m having fun,” she added.

Kerr has considered spending the holidays with her loved ones as a “gift,” especially that she’s been busy with her work for some time.

Meanwhile, the former Victoria’s Secret model revealed that her holiday look will be simple -- consisted of red lip and a little illuminizer on the cheekbone. She is known for her young and flawless look from catwalks to sidewalks.

The model recently unveiled the Swarovski star of the famous jewelry band at the top of Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York. Harper’s Bazaar reported that the Swarovski star was encrusted with 25,000 crystals. Kerr has collaborated with the brand for her line of jewelry designs.

On Instagram, the Swarovski ambassador uploaded on Monday a photo of her with the star in the background. “It was an honour to help raise the @Swarovski Star to the top of the @RockCenterNYC Christmas Tree today. Wishing everyone a peaceful holiday season! _❤️__,” she captioned.

In another Instagram photo, the model wears a blue navy cropped top and a white figure hugging pleated pencil skirt during the event. She paired her look with a red stiletto.

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree will be officially lit on Dec. 2.

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