Price labels of half gallons of milk for sale are seen in a store in New York April 7, 2011. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

If you are aiming to lose weight, you should make better food choices that will help you feel full without gaining weight. There are a number of products that will be good food alternatives in your weight loss objectives, according to

1. Fruits and vegetables

These food items are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals but contain few calories, which is why these are ideal in keeping you feel full without gaining weight. Munch on broccoli, tomatoes, apples, berries, carrots, lettuce and papaya. These should also be prepared properly to minimize fat and extra calories. Avoid French fries and fruits dipped in chocolate and high-fat sauces. You may eat fruits and vegetables as a snack or part of your regular meals.

2. Meat recommends that you choose your meat sources wisely to feel full without gaining weight. Some of the best sources are lean white meats such as fish, turkey and skinless chicken breast. You may also consume lean cuts of red meat from beef and lamb. The preparation should still be low-fat so avoid deep frying or adding too many high-calorie sauces. Grilling or boiling is good to keep off the excess fat.

3. Beans

Black beans and legumes are among the best weight loss foods because these contain a lot of fiber and can also boost your immune system. These complex carbohydrates are rich in nutrients and antioxidants and will help stave off hunger and food cravings for hours. You can make a soup or add beans to salads for variety and better taste. These are low in calories but very filling.

4. Grains

A number of grains will keep you feel full for several hours such as quinoa, brown rice and oatmeal. These are excellent sources of fiber and are rich in minerals, thereby improving your immune system and overall health. Grains are best consumed in the morning to provide you with energy and to prevent you from snacking unnecessarily.

5. Milk

Fat-free milk and dairy products like yogurt will provide you with calcium and other minerals as well as protein, without the fat. Drink three glasses of zero percent fat milk every day to strengthen your bones and keep you full for a few hours.

Include the food items above in your daily diet to feel full without gaining weight.