Floyd Mayweather Jr
Sep 11, 2015; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Floyd Mayweather weighs in for his upcoming boxing fight against Andre Berto (not pictured) at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Reuters/Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Floyd Mayweather Jr. riles up the sporting world by uploading a poster of a fight against MMA’s Conor McGregor on Instagram and Twitter.


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The possible fight has not been set up yet, but fans and analysts have begun giving their insights on what could happen. Bleacher Report speculated that Mayweather’s post is another publicity stunt to keep the fans clamouring.

World-renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach addressed the rumours about the possible Mayweather vs McGregor fight. According to Boxing Scene, McGregor never asked Roach to train him. Mayweather was the one who approached him at a gym to ask if he could train the MMA fighter. Roach then told Mayweather that it would take three years for him to get McGregor ready to fight him. He also emphasised that boxing and MMA play under different rules and McGregor will most likely be at a disadvantage.

On the rumours regarding the date and venue of the fight, which could be Sep. 17 in Las Vegas, Roach refuted that Mayweather said nothing about it.

ESPN boxing ringside analyst Teddy Atlas said that it would take years before McGregor can enter a boxing match. He further expressed that the only way for McGregor to win a fight against Mayweather is if MMA rules are applicable.

Sylvester Stallone, most commonly known as Rocky Balboa in the films, also offered his thoughts on a Mayweather-McGregor clash. According to TMZ, Stallone would bet his money on Mayweather but doesn’t disregard the possibility of a McGregor win if he “can land one clean shot.”

The fight remains to be unconfirmed but boxing star Mayweather seems to be convinced that it’s going to happen.

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