Grant Gustin
"The Flash" resumes this April 25 with "The Once and Future Flash," with Barry Allen journeying forward to unmask the speed demon "Savitar." Reuters/Phil McCarten

"The Flash" season 3 episode 19 “The Once and Future Flash” tried to play around uncovering who "Savitar" is with more clues added to the mix. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) did travel to the future but it was more of fixing the broken team Flash.

The future "Flash" did give the present "Flash" a clue, revealing how "Savitar" got locked up in the "Speed Force." The problem with that is the "Flash" did it four years after the death Iris West (Candice Patton) through the help of one "Tracy Brand" (Anne Dudek). Now, the present "Flash" needs to locate Brand and fast-track the "Speed Force" trap.

"Killer Frost" rampage

"The Once and Future Flash" also had another plot, one that could place viewers one step closer to figuring out who "Savitar" really was. Barry already discovered in the future that Caitlyn Snow/ "Killer Frost" (Danielle Panabaker) aligned with the "god of speed," revealing "Savitar" was able to give her something team Flash was unable to do.

That part kicked off at the end of the episode with "Savitar" conversing with "Killer Frost." According to Screen Rant the evil was flowing but the kicker came when "Savitar" exited the shell/suit which practically saw "Killer Frost" bow down. From that point, it seems "Savitar" is someone from the team Flash – current and the past.

And "Savitar" is?

There are plenty of names to mention with most looking back to past episodes of the "Flash." For Caitlyn to give in, it had to be someone she knew. While most are contemplating on who among the current team members it is, perhaps former love interests could be "Savitar."

Is it Ronnie Raymond?

At the top of the list is Caitlyn’s former flame, Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell). Everyone knows how he died helping the “Flash” during the premiere of season 2. But did he really die? He returned as “Deathstorm” on Earth-Two where both were lovers.

How about Hunter Solomon or the fake Jay Garrick?

Remember the fake Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears)? He and Caitlyn had a thing during season 2 so it could be possible that he is the one behind "Savitar" too. Matching that with his speed powers, he could be possibly the god of speed.

The two former love interests of Caitlyn make a lot of sense since what else could force her to practically bow down and agree to an alliance? Right now, most believe that "Savitar" is someone from within team Flash, possibly from another timeline.

Julian Albert (Tom Felton) could be the turncoat or maybe even an evil Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh). A "Flash" from a different earth could also be possible, an evil version. Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) could also be a possibility though that may be too easy.

"Savitar's" true identity is expected to be revealed on the next episode titled, "I Know Who You Are" which airs on Fox8. For the meantime, check out the video trailer on what to expect below.