'The Flash'
A promo poster of the TV series "The Flash." Facebook/The Flash

As “The Flash” Season 2 nears its finale, actor Teddy Sears, who plays the main villain Zoom, suggested that his origin story may be presented in the upcoming episodes and a comparison will be made between Zoom and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin).

Previously, Flash and the team discovered that Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) is actually their enemy Zoom, also referred to as Hunter Zolomon.

Sears told Entertainment Weekly that by looking at the origin story of Hunter Zolomon, viewers will find how much it mirrors Barry Allen’s own origin story. Fans will see Hunter’s experience as a child, which be quite similar to what the younger Barry went through. However, the two characters chose different paths, which is where everything started. It will be exciting to see how Hunter and Barry will start to interact, giving Hunter some big realisations.

The actor also shared that despite being fully obsessed with his own power, the upcoming story will feature a sensitive side of Zoom that may allow the audience to have some sympathy over him. He teased that they wanted to give fans another perspective of the character, which will make his relationship with Barry more interesting as they continue their battles in the next episodes.

The reason why Barry considered Hunter a mentor will also be fleshed out in the next episodes. Primarily, Zoom is on Earth-1 to steal Barry’s speed. However, he also starts to enjoy the game and the chase. They will showcase more specifics and other reasons of why Zoom continues to toy with the team.

It was also revealed that Hunter really cared for Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker). Despite all the bad things he has done, his feelings for Caitlin were genuine. His origin story will also explain why he loves and needs Caitlin.

As for the mysterious man in the iron mask, Sears promised that his identity will be revealed in the Season 2 finale.

Screen Rant writes that with all the doppelgangers and time-travelling in the past episodes, the story will hopefully provide the links to fully explain the character of Zoom and his true purpose.

The Flash” will air next on April 19, 2016 on The CW in the US and on Fox8 in Australia.