Fitness Guru Jillian Michaels Reveals Work-Out Secrets

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TV personality Jillian Michaels arrives before the The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection fashion show in New York, February 6, 2013. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Summer season means frolicking in the water and sand, while flaunting beach-ready bodies.   Exercise is a sure way to get in shape and fortunately, fitness guru Jillian Michaels has revealed her work-out secrets to staying fit and healthy.

The former ‘The Biggest Loser’ coach is on the cover of Shape Magazine’s July/August issue and has never looked better, states E!News.   The 41-year-old fitness personality looked amazing in the magazine shots, as she showcased the various exercise moves that had her looking, and feeling, her absolute best.  "Consistency is the key to getting results," she told the magazine. "If you're pushing yourself to work beyond your comfort zone for four rounds four days a week with this routine, you'll notice that your body starts to change within the first two weeks."

Jullian Michaels also shared a step-by-step workout guide with the magazine, featuring her evolved ‘BodyShred program’ which is a mix of weight and dumbbell workouts designed to shed fat, sculpt muscle and boost your self-confidence.  "The results I've seen with Bodyshred have been far superior to any program that I've ever created," she revealed to Shape. "I like to train the body from as many different angles as possible and to use every modality available to do it."

And while Michaels may be busy promoting health and fitness to everyone, she’s also juggling several hats – that of being a fitness trainer, TV personality and proud mother to 5-year old daughter Lukensia and 3-year old son Phoenix.  It’s a busy life but the fitness guru found a technique that allows her some semblance of work-life balance -- and that is to dedicate 12hours a week to herself.  Michaels told People in April, “With two young children, I had to figure out a way to balance my days.  This way I can spend five to six hours with the kids and work for the other eight hours. If I have any extra time, it goes to the kids.  Things seem to work out, and it keeps me sane!”

Jullian Michaels begins filming her new show ‘Sweat Inc.’ this month, and will star in the upcoming E! reality series ‘Just Jillian’.   Meanwhile, the July/August issue of Shape magazine will hit newsstands on June 30.


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