Fitbit emerges as the winner against Apple and Xiaomi in the wearables race. It’s taken the number one spot in the top five best selling wearables for 2015.

Fitbit’s Surge and Charge devices are the top two selling smartwatches, claiming a total 22% market share in the last quarter, said Market analyst IDC. The Apple Watch occupies second position with an 18.6% stake leaving behind Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi in third with a 17.4% market share.

Two other companies, BBK and Garmin, round-off the top five. The likes of Pebble, Jawbone and Android Wear made it in the “Others” category that accounted for a 34.6% market share.

IDC’s statistics indicate the wearable market will attract maximum sales by 2019 by which time total worldwide sales will probably cross the half billion mark.

In a world of smartphones and laptops, the wearable market will grow by over 200 percent every year. Wonder what makes wearables so likeable and saleable? The answer is health.

The Fitbit health tracker informs a user about his health and allows him to take required remedies without having to run to a doctor every time, reports DigitalSpy.

The miniature device functions by tracking exercises, heart rates, blood pressure and other details. Fitbit Surge offers stopwatch and time functionality, helping athletes track their splits in real-time.

The small hand wearable needs charging at regular interval, thereby allowing the Fitbit Surge to track up to 10 hours of GPS activity. What’s more, you can receive calls and return text messages that appear on the screen but stay for 24 hours and later disappears automatically.

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