First residential Tesla Powerwall installed in Australia

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001_Pfitzner Family with their Tesla Powerwall
Pfitzner Family with their Tesla Powerwall Tesla Powerwall Battery

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Australia is the first country to have the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery installed, giving a significant boost to its renewable energy sector.

The Powerwall Battery stores solar energy during the day through rooftop solar panels, and enables residents to utilise the energy at night. It promises to reduce electricity bills and lessen homeowners' dependency on the electrical grid by utilising the stored energy at times of need. 

Natural Solar is one of the first installers to bring the Tesla Powerwall to mainstream Australia. Installations have been scheduled in each of the major states and territories next week, said Chris Williams, Managing Director of Natural Solar.

With abundant sunshine and plenty of rooftop solar homes, Australia seems to be the ideal region to introduce the Powerwall Home Battery. According to Williams, there are already 1.5 million Australian households that are using solar energy.

Australians will be able to have their very own Tesla Powerwall installed with or without solar panels. Those who already have panels installed can have a Tesla Powerwall added, along with a compatible inverter to an existing solar system. 

Ever since the product's launch, solar-friendly Australians have been waiting in anticipation for the Powerwall. The long awaited installation took place after the first shipment arrived earlier this week, with Nick Pfitzner from Kellyville Ridge being one of the first Australians to have a Powerwall battery installed in his house. 

The Powerwall comes with a 10-year warranty and offers a range of new functionalities.