The first ever Miss Grand International in Bangkok, Thailand ended its maiden pageant by crowning Miss Puerto Rico Janelee Chaparro as the new Miss Grand International queen. She bested 74 other contestants from all parts of the world and will serve as Miss Grand International Organization's ambassador in promoting peace and harmony.

Chaparro outdid the other 4 contestants in the Top 5 including the early favourite Miss Philippines Ali Forbes who took home the third runner-up just like her fellow beauty queen Ariella Arida in Miss Universe. Forbes will take home a cash prize of US$2,500 and a glimmer of hope for her grieving country who recently suffered from Haiyan's wrath.

Miss Dominican Republic Chantel Martinez is the first runner-up and will take home US$10,000 as cash prize. Miss Slovak Republic Denisa Paseciakova is third runner-up and will take US$ 5,000 as cash prize, the fourth runner-up is Miss Australia Kelly Louise Maguire and she will take home US$1,500 as cash prize.

Chaparro will be based in Bangkok, Thailand during her entire reign and she will be given a residence at The Tower in the midtown area of the country's bustling capital city. She will be the face of Miss Grand International and represent the organization in various events related to the "Stop the War" campaign.

As the new queen, Janelee is awarded a whopping amount of US$30,000 as cash prize and the honor to be the first Miss Grand International Queen.

Taken from the Miss Grand International website, here is Miss Puerto Rico Janelee Chaparro's personal opinion about the pageant's campaign "Stop the War."

How many Wars we fight on daily basis? War is the supreme manifestation of violence, but is not the only one. Inter-family violence, including domestic violence, child abuse, maltreatment and neglect, elderly abuse; and social violence such as prejudice, discrimination and marginalization on the basis of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, religion, age, class, disability and sexual orientation are examples of violence manifestations express on a daily basis. These can be considered wars on a micro-level. If we are not able to live in peace within the simplest interpersonal interactions such as the ones with family and friends, we will not be able to live in peace in our society, nor less the world. PEACE is not the absence of conflict; it is the ability to accept differences and transcend conflict situations that allow us to live in harmony. To be able to accept diversity, we must learn to love and respect ourselves. Once we have acknowledged our own uniqueness we will be able to embrace others. Only then we will comprehend that diversity is the greatest characteristic of humankind. Acceptance will not only help us to stop the war, it will help us prevent it.