Final Fantasy XV
The Japanese blog for "Final Fantasy XV" is finally open. Final Fantasy XV website

There are still a few days left before Square Enix’s awaited event for “Final Fantasy XV” but a new date has been highlighted for the possible launch date of the game. A new report points to Sept. 30 for when fans may be able to play the game.

Gematsu has spotted the leak from a source that had already been corroborated by three other sources. According to the report, the release date will be officially made known come the Uncovered: “Final Fantasy XV” event, which will be held on March 30.

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As per Gematsu, the sources are reportedly reliable enough. However, as with most rumours, it is best to wait for the company’s official announcement. There may be other changes and plans that can happen between now and March 30 that may deal some changes in the leaked release date of “Final Fantasy XV.”

A fall release date prepares the game with more window on the shelves before the holiday games come into play. And with September being at the middle of fall season, this does seem to be a good window for a release date.

Ever since the launch of the “Final Fantasy XV” website for its Japan fan base, there have been only a handful of updates about the game. This may be due to how the publisher is readying itself for the event at the end of March.

In the meantime, there are a few new screenshots and artworks straight from the developer’s desk. DualShockers obtained the images, which were showcased at a fan meeting event in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Some of the artworks included detailed shot of the Regalia, some Chocobo artworks and stills from inside the developer’s office.

Apart from the new images, the developer also hinted some new details on some aspects of the game. For instance, there are tweaks to the behaviour of the camera and the NPCs. The NCPs will act more like realistic crowds of people, as they will avoid Noctis and the gang when they are walking around town. Additionally, there were unspecified improvements to the camera behaviour, with tweaks set to be made until the launch of “Final Fantasy XV.”

Another thing that fans may expect during Uncovered: “Final Fantasy XV” is the announcement of a community event. Square Enix has hinted that there will be an event to be held on the evening before the game’s launch. This may be plans set only for the Japanese fan base, but more may be announced come the March event.

"Final Fantasy XV" Nilfheim Base battle (Credit: YouTube/Square Enix NA)