Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift bundle will be shipped with a remote control and an Xbox One controller. Oculus Rift

Two more games have been announced for support on the Oculus Rift VR. These two titles were previously slated for an HTC Vive release only, but Oculus Rift players now also have a chance to play them in VR with the device.

The virtual reality title that has been announced since 2013, “Elite Dangerous,” is now also heading to the Oculus Rift VR as well. The space exploration title from Frontier Development will be released as a launch title for the VR headset, GameSpot reported.

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Ordering “Elite Dangerous” and the season pass will immediately give players a copy of the Oculus Rift version with no extra charge. This s a good deal, considering that the game is fun to explore using a VR device.

One other title that will be coming to Oculus Rift is “Gunjack,” which was originally coming only to the HTC Vive. “Gunjack” brings players to the world of the EVE universe, where different space crafts will aim to get the mining vessel that the player is protecting, Engadget reported.

It is essentially a complementary game to “EVE: Valkyrie,” which ships with the Oculus Rift VR on March 28. “Gunjack,” from the same studio, will cost US$10 (approx. AU$13) when it launches at the same time as the Oculus Rift. It will come later on in HTC Vive.

The growing number of games being supported by Oculus Rift shows that the VR device is truly a hit among developers and potentially gamers alike. In fact, just recently, Sony’s Masayasu Ito had admitted that hardware-wise, the Oculus Rift may have an edge over the PlayStation VR.

For now, there are limited platforms on which the Oculus Rift is expected to run. And while the company has already announced the lineup of PCs that are expected to be compatible with the device, there still has been no announcement on whether there will be support for Mac computers.

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey has finally given some hints on how the company plans to go about any Mac-related Oculus development. According to The Verge, the ball is actually on Apple’s court.

“That is up to Apple and if they ever release a good computer, we will do it,” said Luckey in an interview quoted by The Verge.

More than specs, what Apple needs is to ensure that there are gaming-focused aspects in the computer. Some Mac computers, like the Mac Pro does have a lot of high-end specs, but when it comes to functionality, its computers are designed more for applications with no appropriate focus on gaming. And this is what Oculus Rift needs for it to be supported on the platform.

"Elite Dangerous" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Elite Dangerous)