Final Fantasy XV
The Regalia has a top-notch customisation on top of its flying form. Square Enix

With the recently-concluded Active Time Report for “Final Fantasy XV,” Square Enix has announced a few new details for the game. The ATR had been focused on delivering answers to questions from fans, as it is a Community Special.

DualShockers compiled a long list of important highlights in the game, which include some confirmed features, upcoming features post-launch and some gameplay mechanics. First, “Final Fantasy XV” will feature skill trees, though how these work was not expounded on. There was mention of difficulty options, but Square Enix has yet to detail whether it is related to skill trees.

There are seven types of weapons, but there are many more variants. Game Director Hajime Tabata just can’t reveal much as these would be spoilers. As for modes of transportation, Tabata confirmed that players cannot drive the boat. And for those who are thinking of riding the Chocobos, the speed of their travel is slower than the Regalia’s.

Speaking of the Regalia, the flying form requires more maneuvering as well. Flying the Regalia will require proper landing, because when it crashes, the game will be over and the players will be taken back to where they took flight. According to Tabata, takeoff is easier than landing, as the latter could be tense.

The developer has also posted the character bios for the four main heroes of “Final Fantasy XV.” Anime News Network features the translated version of the bios. Noctis and Prompto are both the youngest in the group at 20, while the two older brother types Ignis and Gladiolus are older at 22 and 23 years old respectively.

Everyone knows by now that Noctis is the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Lucis. His journey was supposed to lead him to attend his wedding to Lunafreya, daughter of the Fleuret family and his childhood friend.

Ignis is Noctis’s companion and had been raised to be his aide. Gladiolus is the eldest son of a family belonging to the King’s Shields. Prompto is Noctis’s best friend and is basically the comic relief of the group.