Square Enix's Exhibit At E3
People play games at the Square ENIX, Inc. exhibit at E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, in Los Angeles, California, June 11, 2013. Reuters/David McNee

First announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last June, fans have been clamoring for more details about the much anticipated “Final Fantasy VII” remake by Square Enix. In a surprise move by the gaming giant, fans were treated to a look at how the new remake will feel with a new gameplay trailer revealed with the PlayStation Experience.

The new trailer seen below does not only show glimpses of the opening parts of the “Final Fantasy VII” remake, but it also shows part of the core gameplay. The difference in how the original game and the upcoming remake looks is massive considering that there is an 18 year difference between the two.

Within the trailer, fans got a look at the new and improved Shinra Soldiers, minor characters such as Biggs, Wedge and Jessie. Of course, fans got a look at central characters including Barret Wallace and main protagonist, Cloud Strife.

Parts of the trailer also showed of the dramatic changes made to how players get to explore Midgar. Instead of being played from a top-down perspective outside of combat, the game channels the atmosphere of more recent titles such as “Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns” and “Final Fantasy XV.” Cloud is even seen ducking and squeezing through obstacles.

However, the highlight of the trailer is most probably the new battle system. The trailer shows off a more action-packed combat system which looks to be reminiscent of the “Final Fantasy VII” prequel, “Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core” on the PlayStation Portable. Although the game is more action-packed, there are still hints of the original title found in the remake including the battle menu which features commands such as Attack, Item and Materia.

The team behind the game will continue to provide fans with updates, Gematsu reports. Game Director Tetsuya Nomura said that the trailer is only a small part of the game and that there are more in store for fans in the future. Meanwhile, fans can play the PC port of “Final Fantasy VII” on the PlayStation 4, which is now readily available.

Source: YouTube/PlayStation

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