February 2018 PS Plus games include 'RiME' and 'Knack'

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Screenshot from 'RiME.' Tequila Works/Press

It’s looking bright and colourful this month thanks to Sony’s PlayStation Plus free games for February 2018. Included in the lineup is a platforming title launched with the PlayStation 4 and a tear-jerking adventure-exploration game.

Leading Sony’s PlayStation Plus free games for February is “RiME.” You play as a young boy who finds himself stuck on a mysterious yet graphically astounding island. With little to no dialogue, the story progresses the way it should—by helping him uncover the island’s many secrets and discovering, once and for all, the truth about himself.

It’s safe to say that one should enter “RiME” blindly. Players may find it a cathartic experience.

Next up on the PS Plus list is “Knack,” one of the first games for the PlayStation 4. Released in 2013, this platforming game lets you control the title character, a size-shifter who must rid the world of evil forces.

The game had received mixed critical response upon release. Then again, if you still haven’t played it, there’s no harm trying to see if you’d like it.

The PS Plus lineup for February also includes “Spelunker HD” and “Mugen Souls Z,” both for the PS3. There’s also “Exiles End” and “Grand Kingdom,” both for the PS Vita, with the latter available with crossbuy for PS4. Owners of the PS VR headset will also get “StarBlood Arena” as a bonus game until March 6.

For more information, head on over to the official PlayStation blog. The free PlayStation Plus games for February 2018 will be available starting February 6, Tuesday. Do remember that you can still take advantage of the January offers until then.

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