A picture of actor Lennie James as Morgan in AMC's "The Walking Dead" TV series. The Walking Dead/ Facebook

The biggest change in “Fear the Walking Dead” season 4 is that it will directly connect with the world of “The Walking Dead.” Morgan (Lennie James) will be transitioning to the spin-off series, but the way the producers have planned the changes, there is a possibility for others to cross over, too.

When Morgan’s crossover to the spin-off was first announced, there were a lot of theories about how exactly they were going to do it. Now, show creator Robert Kirkman has confirmed that season 8 of “The Walking Dead” will directly lead into the spin-off, Comic Book reports.

This confirms a major time jump in “Fear the Walking Dead” to bring the two shows on the same timeline. Kirkman teased that it will shake the series in a “majorly cool way.”

"So make sure you hang around for that," the producer reportedly wrote in the Letter Hacks section of #176 of “The Walking Dead” comics.

Although season 4 will come as a shock to viewers in terms of where the main characters are and what they are doing, the show may explore what happened over the past few years through flashbacks. This should further make the series exciting to watch.

As far as the transition of Morgan is concerned, James has said that it has been done in a “really, really interesting way.” He added that a lot of the character’s journey has to do with Rick (Andrew Lincoln). The actor teased that by the end of season 8, his character will get “really messed up.”

The mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead” season 8 is titled “Honor,” and it will air on Feb. 25. “Fear the Walking Dead” season 4, on the other hand, will start airing from April 15.