'Fear the Walking Dead'
A still of AMC TV series "Fear the Walking Dead." Fear the Walking Dead/ Facebook

Nick (Frank Dillane) and Troy (Daniel Sharman) will launch a daring rescue of the ranch in “Fear the Walking Dead” season 3 episode 13. The preview video of next episode shows the two characters attempting to create diversions, but things don’t exactly go as planned.

Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and the others at the ranch were able to survive by heading into the pantry, a secure bunker. However, they will not be able to stay there forever, so they have to find a way to solve the walker problem they are facing.

Nick is aware that the best chance they have is a rescue from the outside. A preview video of the next episode posted on YouTube shows Nick and Troy trying just that. The two characters will first use explosions to distract the walkers, later driving into the walker-infested ranch.

The plan doesn’t exactly work the way they planned it. Both Nick and Troy end up in the helicopter on the ranch, surrounded by the walkers. Will they find a way to escape this predicament?

Meanwhile, Alicia and the others will not sit idly by and wait to be rescued. They will devise a plan to escape. Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) and Crazy Dog (Justin Rain) can be seen crawling through a vent in the preview video, but even here there are challenges. Another preview video of next episode posted on YouTube shows the two characters entering the vent.

Just because the ranch has strong doors doesn’t mean they are safe. Every human being on earth is infected, and that means every person inside the pantry is a potential walker. Alicia will have to face this threat in the pantry, as a walkers will attack her first.