'Fear the Walking Dead'
Actors Cliff Curtis (L), Frank Dillane (C) and Alycia Dernam-Carey participate in the AMC "Fear the Walking Dead" panel at the Television Critics Association (TCA) Summer 2015 Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California July 31, 2015. Reuters/David McNew

Travis will not be the same in “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2, cast member Cliff Curtis teased in a recent interview. In another interview the actor said that his initial thoughts were that his character was “least likely to survive” the zombie apocalypse.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Curtis said that the most important thing for Travis now was to resolve his relationship with his son, after the events in the previous season. Travis has lost someone he loved dearly and the death creates a “huge rift” in his relationship with his family.

“The Travis that we saw in season 1 can’t be the Travis that we see in season 2. He’s got to change in some way; he has to. You can’t do that not have it affect you,” Curtis said. The actor said that his character may now become “more resolute in his commitment to humanity.”

Travis will have to ask himself what kind of a person he wants to be in the post apocalyptic world, where the zombie attacks force people make difficult choices. While the pledge to humanity sounds good in theory, the real test for Travis will come in “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2, when he and his loved ones will be attacked.

In an interview with Blastr, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd pointed out that the survivors have to not only worry about zombies but also other people. Curtis said that the show is “perilous” and joked that he keeps looking at the call sheet to make sure he still has a job in the TV series.

The actor joked that he thought that Travis was “least likely to survive the apocalypse.” Curtis said that he doesn’t know what the producers have in store for his character. For now, Travis and the team head to the sea in “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2, to get away from all the zombies on land.