Bethesda has released a new update for “Fallout 4” over at Steam. Dubbed as the update 1.3, this is a beta update that is still being worked on by the developer.

As with any beta versions, there may be some issues found in the update. The best thing to do would be to back up the game’s progress. Additionally, fans who opt in on the beta update can help Bethesda spot issues by giving feedback. Even after opting for the beta following some easy instructions, players are also give a choice to opt out.

The changelog, found in the official Stream announcements page, contains a lot of new added items. There are five new features for the latest beta update for “Fallout 4.” A new ambient occlusion setting has been added. Via NVIDIA cards, there is also a new weapon debris effect. There are also added status menu for settlers and a new ability to rotate an object using triggers.

Fans can also expect a long changelog for gameplay, workshop and quest fixes. A lot of these fixes are targeting players that have been stuck in a particular part or area of “Fallout 4.” This includes Dogmeat stuck in Fort Hagen after Reunions, players stuck in the cryopod, invulnerable characters stuck in combat and the Human Error quest not completing properly after killing Dan.

Fans have also started checking in on the files inside “Fallout 4” once more. The newest find appears to be some of the scenes that were not used in the main game. New audio files were sighted, which supposedly appear for the Combat Zombie ring announcer, VG 247 reported.

According to the finding, players may have been originally slated to fight for caps in the ring. This may have been a tournament, where the prize goes up the same time the player goes up the ladder of fights.

This is currently not seen in the “Fallout 4” game. However, one way that the developer can add it in is by way of DLC, if it does decide to push the idea. This is not the first file sighting for “Fallout 4.” Previously, a fan had seen a harpoon gun that had cool visuals when used as a weapon. This also caused a fan to try and explore the vast ocean ad its environment in “Fallout 4,” leading to some interesting finds, but generally a still barren place for now.

"Fallout 4" features that did not make it to the game (Credit: YouTube/Kotaku)