“Fallout 4” player Kyle Hinckley has managed to beat the game with zero kills. If that’s not enough, the player even performed this unbelievable in-game action on Survival mode, which is said to be the hardest difficulty setting in "Fallout 4."

Apart from the fact that no blood was spilled in the round, what makes the feat even more admirable is the fact that Hinckley’s character, Dizzy, didn't even kill enemies. The character Dizzy didn’t personally kill anyone in the game as he was equipped with high Charisma stat. It allowed Dizzy to stand idly, and thus did not need to kill anyone with his own hands. In “Fallout 4,” players are allowed to stay out of the fights in certain cases. Hinckley documented the entire gameplay on video to make his claim verifiable.

In an interview with Kotaku, Hinckley stated that beating “Fallout 4” with all those conditions had not been easy. According to his statement, there was even a point where he got discouraged as he could not make it at the first attempt. After trying several more times, he eventually found out a way to leave raiders alone.

The success came at the cost of 75 hours of gameplay. It was then that Hinckley realised that he chose the wrong faction out of the four choices available in “Fallout 4.” He then chose to go through the rest of the game with Dizzy as his character and continued playing with the same character.

“I wish I could’ve brought myself to use a mod to simply bypass the reload-reload-reload quality of much of the videos,” said Hinckley to Kotaku. “But, that would have been seen as cheating, and I would rather torture than cheat.”

In July, Bethesda Vice President of Development Todd Howard suggested that players can avoid killing a lot but it doesn’t mean that they can play the whole game without violence, as reported by The Guardian. This documented feat from Hinckley has proven this wrong.

Fallout 4 - Zero Kills/Survival - Part 01 (Credit: YouTube/The Weirdist)